Today, we announce our new brand identity – Naviga.

The rebrand is really a culmination of a process that began back in 2017. At that time, we saw the disruptive state of the industries we serve, and we knew that to help our customers compete, we needed to change, too. Thus, we started on a journey to acquire the best companies with digital-first, future-focused solutions that enable our customers to meet the challenges of the future.

As of December 2018, we’d acquired four new companies, each with excellent, proven solutions that complemented our own products. Even more, these companies brought their own corporate cultures, people and identities. It’s been exciting.

It’s also been challenging. Our products are known by five different company names – not to mention the names of the original companies that formed Newscycle. Five company names, five product naming conventions, five brand identities. Yet we were one company with one unified purpose.

That’s why in January, we embarked on a journey to find a brand identity that best reflected who we had become. This was no easy process. The agency we hired, Superhuman, interviewed hundreds of employees and customers, pored over our products, competitors and marketing materials, and discussed where we both fit and stand out. A team of people from Newscycle debated everything from our role in the industries we serve to what to rename each product.

The marketing and product management teams have spent thousands of hours rebranding products – not just changing names and graphics, but reassessing, rewriting, refocusing. And we’ve only just begun. Now comes the task of changing the look of our software, too, as we are working to make them even more adaptable, integratable and user-friendly.

Plus, we’re revamping how we do business. We’re taking the best practices of each company and forging them together with a focus on customer success. We even set up a new team for this purpose, with volunteers from every aspect of our company. They’re actively studying the best strategies of customer-centric companies and looking at our own processes to see where we can improve.

We started this journey to transform ourselves into something more than just a company with a new name and logo. Under the brand identity Naviga, we can celebrate the best we have to offer and focus ourselves on the journey ahead. And by doing that, we can best serve our customers in this era of rapid change.

Stay tuned for future blogs about our progress as Naviga.