Glacier Media Group has contracted to implement Naviga's advertising solution across its 160 properties to expand its digital advertising sales functionality and enhance its print ad functionality. In addition, Naviga Ad provides a full-featured customer relationship management solution.

Glacier Media Group produces over 160 publications, serving 60 communities in Western Canada. In addition to community media, it also produces a wide variety of publications for the mining, agriculture and real estate industries.

Naviga Ad is a digital-first advertising sales solution that handles ad management for media from sales opportunity to payment. Cloud-based and fully web-enabled, Naviga Ad makes it easy for Glacier to coordinate all tasks for digital and print ads, from managing ad orders to monitoring production details to processing payments. It can handle complex ordering structures across multiple channels, including event booth sales.

"Upgrading Glacier to Naviga Ad is as important to us as it is for Glacier," said Jeff Shine, Naviga's President and General Manager Advertising Products. "We believe strongly that Naviga Ad is the best option for helping our customers meet the increasing demand for complex advertising in digital and print. We're honored that Glacier trusts us with this project."

A long-time Naviga customer, Glacier was impressed with the digital capabilities of Naviga's flagship advertising solution. In particular, the organization wanted its sales representatives to be able to access data on customer orders and bookings through browsers or mobile devices. Naviga Ad integrates with Glacier's third-party suppliers for credit card processing, online classifieds and ad production. It also provides a comprehensive reporting system through Informer by Entrinsik.

"Naviga Ad had that right mix of features," said Bill Hope, Glacier Media's Director of Information Technology. "Sales reps will have CRM functionality. Plus, Glacier corporate will be able to easily set up, configure, and customize the booking and billing processes for new digital products. Naviga Ad will help us with the gradual transition from print-oriented products to online but preserve our traditional printing and publishing businesses."

"We're looking forward to the sales reps being able to access their customers' data and bookings information through their browser or mobile device with minimum effort and minimal wait-times and having Naviga Ad integrate with Glacier's third-party suppliers for credit card processing, online classifieds and ad production," said Hope.

The upgrade project will involve 400 seats, plus training, and cover all of Glacier's properties. It will begin with Glacier's agricultural products, such as Western Producer.

"We're planning an aggressive implementation schedule," said Hope, "but we expect to meet it while achieving a high level of user acceptance with minimal disruption to our businesses during the transition."

About Glacier Media Group

Glacier's community media publications serve more than 2 million readers in more than 60 different communities across Western Canada in print and online. Its publications are long-established, trusted, award-winning brands that are not only the primary sources of news for the communities it serves but also community institutions which support thousands of non-profit organizations and community projects with millions of dollars in in-kind sponsorship. The organization's unmatched, hyper-local content and distribution channels enable it to connect local and national advertisers with customers weekly and daily not only in its title publications in print and online, but also through a wide array of customizable features, specialty publications and programs, events and online initiatives.