With looming disruptions to the print distribution supply-chain, it is imperative that publishers be proactive toward minimizing the impact on their business. During this time of uncertainty, digital distribution should no longer be considered a luxury, but rather a necessity.

However, as many teams are now working remotely (and with limited resources), it can be daunting to venture into the complex world of digital publishing. So now more than ever, publishers are turning to experienced industry partners that provide a high level of technical and operational support to streamline the process.

So, where should you begin?

Naviga’s Commerce solution offers a ready-to-go fulfillment platform, allowing your subscribers to immediately access their content digitally. We currently deliver over 100 million copies a year to magazine and newspaper subscribers around the world through several, flexible options:  

Fulfillment through Naviga’s ZINIO Newsstand

You can deliver issues to your customers immediately using our newsstand. The vast majority of our publisher customers are already utilizing this fulfillment service:

  • Simple process. Zero setup time. Ready to use today.
  • Instant worldwide delivery of issues to your subscriber list, on-time, for as long as you need.
  • Audit-compliant delivery reporting.
  • Dedicated Naviga fulfillment team to work with you.
  • Seamless user experience. In operation for 19 years.

Fulfillment through stand-alone Naviga Apps for mobile and web

If ZINIO, a subsidiary of Naviga, is the provider of your apps, as it is for over 300 publishers, we can fulfill directly to those apps with the same benefits as above.

If ZINIO is not yet the provider of your apps, we can build and launch one for you within a week. If you already have mobile apps from another developer and cannot consider upgrading at this time, we can build you a stand-alone web app for your newspaper or magazine, for both fulfillment and commerce purposes.  

Johannesburg's City Press recently partnered with Naviga to build iOS, Android, and web apps for digital distribution of their flagship print edition.

Don't hesitate to take action preparing your business for a COVID-19 print distribution disruption. Please contact us to discuss putting this in place for your newspaper or magazines, and we can help you overcome any near-term distribution challenges and keep your subscribers fulfilled.