As we enter our third week of social distancing and isolation stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to stay connected to current events.  The vocabulary around the disease is evolving and many people fear they might be missing important updates, suggestions and announcements.  At Naviga, our ability to rapidly model, test and deploy new taxonomy metadata codes helps users stay on top of COVID-19 even as it evolves and changes.  Starting in early February when our news monitoring algorithm flagged this topic, we have been working to modify our taxonomy to better reflect this new reality.  And with our deep subject matter expertise users can trust that we fully understand the topic, its connection to a larger subject and its nuances ensuring the information they receive is timely, accurate and relevant.

Today we announce a new set of codes specific to Coronavirus and COVID-19. The Naviga editorial team has added a group of additional codes to the ever-changing ACME taxonomy.  Instead of having to think of and enter various search terms, alternative spellings and politically incorrect buzzwords, why not use a single code? We can move multiple layers of abstraction and searching into a single metadata code.

Our Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) customers can now leverage this code in downstream applications, populate automated newsfeeds or create a custom newsletter.  The modular nature of the ACME taxonomy lets you create a complex search exploring topics such as “Earnings and COVID-19”, “Dividends and COVID-19” , as well as the impact of the virus on more human-centered events such as weddings and education.

Recently Added Codes

The story samples below from Naviga’s NewsEdge product illustrate that many publications refer to the pandemic as a “Chinese Virus” and do not mention COVID-19 or Coronavirus.  Our inclusive approach to tagging and our deep understanding of the vocabularies used around the world in different news outlets ensure our users that they won’t miss important stories.   A keyword search for “Coronavirus” or “COVID-19” would have missed all the below stories.

Sample Search Inclusive of Natural Language Terms

And as the pandemic and its myriad impacts evolves, you can depend on Naviga and the CaaS team to continue to define, refine and streamline this topic to give users the most relevant news. For more information or questions visit our website or contact us directly.

This post was written by Jon Campbell, VP of Library Science, CaaS at Naviga.