Media consumption continues to evolve. What used to be reading a printed paper from front-to-back is now skimming articles, maybe multiple at a time, on a smartphone. Content is everywhere and produced by countless sources. This has hit the traditional publishing industry hard, but all is not lost!

As the producers of much of the real content that powers the worldwide web, the publishing industry is primed to take advantage of this market. Content is key to success, but it can no longer be limited to the barriers of the printed page. Publishers need to evolve to meet their audience where they want content.

The entire content process needs to be just as connected as your audience is. The focus on technology can unlock the opportunity and empower content creators to spend more time writing and publishing. The complexities of print vs digital layout shouldn’t stymie your content creators from authoring amazing content.

You also need to better understand your audience. Who they are, where are they from and what content they engage with - these are just a few of the questions you need answers to so you can take advantage of this shifting landscape. Having the systems and processes in place to take advantage of this opportunity to connect with you audience is critical.

So, how do you do that? Where do you even start? We’ve developed a whitepaper that clearly outlines the opportunity and how publishers can take advantage of this immediately. In this paper we’re cover five ways that you can future-proof your content and your business and provide you with clear, actionable steps to get going.